Newspaper Paragraph for class 6 to 10 | Newspaper Paragraph for HSC SSC Students

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Newspaper Paragraph

A newspaper is a daily paper that gives us the information of events as they happen every moment in different parts of the world . Carlyle called it the Fourth Estate .It is almost the first thing that greets us in the morning.In fact we cannot we cannot think of modern life without newspaper .A newspaper Reading has become a habit with many of us. It has become a passion with some of us well .It is as important for some of us as our food and drink.I read newspaper daily and I read the Daily Star . Newspaper plays and important role in our social and national life.Newspaper is very important in student life.They educate public mind and help to express public opinion.They voice the grievance of the people and seek for readers .A newspaper not only gives us information ,it also serves us in various ways.It beguiles time when time hangs heavily on us.When a man finds himself alone in a railway compartment ,it gives him the pleasure of silent companionship .When he is troubled and worried ,it helps him to forget them.

Newespaper paragraph is very important for every students .

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