How to Check IELTS Results in 2024

In this article I want to give the process of IELTS result checking, majority of IELTS Students Don’t know how to check IELTS results online, and that’s why today’s article will know IELTS result check guide from scratch.

It is an essential step to check IELTS Results on online. Today, I am going to share that how to process for checking ielts results. When you will appear your exam, you will be excited for your result. Because, nowadays it’s an ambition for going abroad to complete your higher study. After completing IELTS exam, everyone has been waiting for results. But some candidates has faced difficulties to check IELTS result. So, now I would like to share the process of IELTS RESULT CHECK for your easiness. If you want to learn the process of IELTS result checking easily, you must read the full article which I am going to provide in below.

How to Check IELTS Results?

There are two main ways to check IELTS results. One is the Idp and another is the British Council

  • IELTS Result Check British Council
  • IELTS Result Check IDP

Let’s begin the process: I would like to tell you that two different methods in which you can check to your IELTS result. If you give computer-based IELTS test then your result will come after five days. On the other hand, you will have appeared your IELTS test on paper base will get your result after 13 days. Anyway,I am going to move for checking ielts result process. There are two ways to check IELTS result.

To begin with, you have to use your PC or smartphone and open a browser. There are a number of web browser that can be used for IELTS result checking, such as Chrome, and Google you can use any browser as you wish.

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IELTS Result check from British Council Website

If you take your exam from British Council you must see this article where I m trying to easy way to check IELTS result. So, first of all you have to open a browser,I always prefer Google. Press on the search button and write British Council result check. or

IELTS Result Check
Log in for IELTS Result Check

Now, there are an option will come and you can see Test taker portal click on this option. Then you see Access your result press on there, it will directly bring your profile. Now, you click on the log in option and put your email and password which is used when your IELTS exam register.Now, you will find your all details click on the date and location option and can see results option press there and see your desired result.

IELTS Result Check
Click your IELTS exam and date option

And then you will see one new page where available IELTS result check bottom

IELTS Result Check
IELTS Result Check

So, this is the process that you can easily find out your IELTS result from British Council Website.

IDP IELTS Result Check

When you take your IELTS exam from Idp you should check in IDP website. In your result day they will send email then you check on online. In this portion, I will share the easiest step to check IDP IELTS result online.

idp ielts result check
IDP IELTS result check

IDP IELTS result in Check Link

Then you have to open a browser like Google and Chrome. After opening this browser click the search option and write the IELTS Idp result. Press the first option then you can see a chart where you give your details such as given name, family name, passport or I’d numbers and date of birth then click I m not a robot and press verify after that click Get the result. Next, you can see the results date click here and get your most desired result.

So, this is the easiest way to Check IELTS results from British Council and Idp website. Thank you for your patience. I will give you another article for you individually. Take the IELTS exam and fulfill your dream.

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