How to Become a Medical Assistant?

How to Become a Medical Assistant: A Medical Assistant is expected to perform clinical and administrative functions under the orders of the physician. Medical assistants have various employment opportunities in different work environments. They are needed in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare facilities.

How to Become a Medical Assistant in 2021

Medical assistants are expected to have attention to detail in order to provide the best quality care to patients. Detailed records should be kept in order. Some doctors like to manage their offices by themselves while others focus more on caring for patients and leave administrative and business tasks to a staff member.

This can be a medical assistant who will be tasked to record and manage the collection of accounts, discuss fees with patients, replenish office and medical supplies, pay office bills, and perform banking activities on behalf of the physician.

Medical assistant salary 

According to statistics in the healthcare industry, medical assisting is said to be one of the fastest-growing careers. The demand for medical assistants remains high. The average salary depends on the individual’s skills, location, experience, and credentials. The average annual salary of a medical assistant is between $24,000 to $25,000.

Medical Assistant Skills and Characteristics 

The medical assisting field is not that different from any other healthcare professional. A more specialized field of medical assisting is becoming a clinical medical assistant. Medical assistants can work in a purely administrative function or work as clinical medical assistants. Patients interact more with clinical medical assistants than administrative medical assistants.

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Working as a medical assistant requires certain characteristics and traits in order to provide professional healthcare service. A medical assistant should be trustworthy. Patient information should be kept confidential. It should not be revealed to anyone without the patient’s consent. Being tactful is part of a medical assistant’s job. Medical assistants should value integrity in their work. Honor and honesty are important values in the healthcare profession.

Empathy and Compassion

Empathy and compassion are also ideal traits since medical assistants often work in healthcare facilities, hospitals, and education settings that deal with people. Learning to put oneself in other people’s shoes is empathy. Medical assistants should show care and compassion for patients. This is excellent service delivery. Medical assistants should also show initiative. If an opportunity arises, medical assistants can start their own procedure or process. A good idea should be worth pursuing especially if it is something that will benefit the work environment, the patient or the entire organization.

Communication Skills

Listening and observation skills are needed to understand the current dynamics within the facility. Good communication skills are important in a medical assistant’s profession. Medical assistants are in constant communication with other medical professionals including patients and insurance representatives. Aside from knowledge of medical terminology, medical assistants should be able to pronounce words clearly for others to understand and avoid miscommunication.

Written communication is also important in medical assisting especially in administrative functions. Other tasks for medical assistants include reading and documenting patient charts, sending e-mail messages and faxes, and filling out forms.


Medical assistants should adhere to the code of conduct. They should be able to perform their duties and responsibilities based on ethics. Making sound ethical decisions needs a level of sensitivity to ethical issues and proven methods in the exploration of the ethical aspects of the decision. The proper evaluation of considerations is performed before deciding on what action to take. Following a certain standard and method for ethical decision-making is important.

When an individual practices it regularly, the method will become familiar that he will be able to use it automatically without taking note of the steps. If the ethical choice has become difficult for the individual to face, the more he will have to depend on discussion with others about the problem. If the problem is explored carefully and keeping in mind the perspectives of other people, the individual can make a good ethical choice.

In ethical decision-making, one must learn how to recognize an ethical issue. The individual should evaluate if an action or decision that he is going to make can harm others. The individual will also have to determine the available choices before making the decision. All the facts must be acquired so that the individual will be able to make an informed decision. The alternative courses of action will then be evaluated based on the ethical standards that one follows.

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