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DSE Share Price Today

DSE Share Price Today of Dhaka Stock Exchange if you want to know DSE latest share price every day, this post is completely for you, in this post, you will know Dhaka Stock Exchange share price today. So let’s begin dse share price post.

What Actually Is Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE)?

The Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), located in Dhaka’s Motijheel Park district, represents one of Bangladesh’s two financial markets. The Chittagong Stock Exchange is the other. The DSE was founded in 1954 and began trading in 1956. East Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited was renamed Dacca Stock Exchange Limited in 1964. It used to be in Matijhil, but it is currently in Nikunja-2, Dhaka. The Dhaka Stock Exchange is one of Bangladesh’s two financial markets. Those who have invested in DSE or are interested in investing in DSE first look at the current DSE share price to get a sense of the market. This article will provide you with crucial information about the latest DSE share price.

DSE Share Price Today 2023: The Dhaka Stock Exchange: An Overview-

The Dhaka Stock Exchange wants to be the country’s major exchange and fundamental generator of economic progress. As a result, the DSE is proactive in keeping up with technical advances. The DSE began automated trading in 1998 and a central securities depository system was built in 2004.

The Dhaka Stock Exchange has wanted to compete in the global arena of financial markets since its foundation. It appreciates what it has to do to keep working toward this goal and has established an ambitious schedule of goals to achieve in the future years, which include the following:

  • Increasing the number of foreign investors in order to maintain a consistent level of at least 30% total market valuation.
  • Having a consistent average daily turnover of BDT 25 billion

Ensuring consistent domestic and international institutional investments amounting to at least three-quarters of total investments  Including government municipal (muni) and bond funds to its products  Increasing the number of listed specific business stocks by a factor of two.

  • Developing its services to include index futures, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and derivatives
  • Developing technologies to support global trading and settlement

How Does DSE Work and How Do I Invest?

To invest in DSE, the first step is to consult with an expert who can assist you understand the entire procedure. You must create turmoil and invest in the incorrect industries if you do not have a counsel. As a Muslim-majority country, the DSE also provides chances for investment in non-Haram areas. It signifies that the businesses are unrelated to alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, pornography, and so forth.

The DSE strongly welcomes international investors. Foreign investors must meet a number of requirements. They must first create a Non-Resident Taka Account. This enables them to trade Bangladeshi securities. They must then select a custodian from an authorized bank to deliver their services. They must open several bank accounts to handle currency and trade. Then they will permit DSE investment.

Trading Schedule for the Dhaka Stock Exchange-

Because Friday and Saturday are official holidays in Bangladesh, the stock exchange is only open from Sunday to Thursday. These days’ trading hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and trading must be done according to this rigid timetable. The Dhaka Stock Exchange has roughly 600 firms listed, and trading may be done using the stock exchange’s listed shares.

Last week, the country’s stock market began to rise after a period of consecutive price declines. The transaction speed has grown in tandem with the pricing hikes. At the same time, other firms have added their names to the list of price increases. The market capitalization of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), the largest stock exchange, has surged by more than two thousand crore rupees in one week.

DSE share price by trade code 2023


The market capital increased by two thousand crore –

At the end of last week’s trading, the DSE’s market capitalisation was Tk 7 lakh 56 thousand 841 crore. Which was 7 lakh 54 thousand 692 crore on the prior week’s last business day. That is, the DSE’s market capitalization climbed by Tk 2,149 crore last week. Meanwhile, shares and units from 114 businesses that traded on the DSE last week joined the list of gainers. On the contrary, the cost of 68 has dropped. And 207’s pricing stays constant. Along with the main index and the DSE-30 index, the DSE Shariah index, which includes firms that operate according to Islamic Shariah, increased last week. This index rose by 10.15 points, or 0.75 percent, last week. In the previous week, the index climbed 4.30 points or 0.32 percent.

DSEX, the primary price index of the DSE, rose by 50.39 points, or 0.81 percent. In the previous week, the index rose by 21.09 points, or 0.34 percent. Last week, the DSE-30 index, which comprises of chosen excellent firms, gained 9.56 points, or 0.43 percent. The volume of transactions on the DSE has grown in tandem with the price increases. Every working day last week, an average of Tk 770 crore 10 lakh was traded on the DSE. The average daily transaction in the preceding week was Tk 424 crore 28 lakh. That is, the average daily transaction has grown by 345 crore 82 lakh taka, or 81.51 percent. The overall transaction on the DSE in the previous week was Tk 3 thousand 850 crore 52 lakh. In the preceding week, 2 thousand 121 crores 40 lakhs were exchanged. As a result, the total transaction grew by 1,729 crore 12 lakh taka, or 87.24 percent. Last week, Genex Infosys was the most traded stock on the DSE in rupee terms. During the week, the company’s shares were exchanged at 292 crore 5 lakh 79 thousand taka, representing 7.58 percent of the overall transaction. Bangladesh Shipping Corporation, which is in second position, saw its shares exchanged at 219 crore 33 lakh 46 thousand taka. Bashundhara Paper comes third, with a deal worth Tk 169 crore 56 lakh 5 thousand.

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Last Words about DSE Share Price

The Dhaka Stock Exchange has made major contributions to Bangladesh’s growth. DSE latest share price investors are always competing to keep the DSE alive. The DSE not only knows who the DSE’s most recent share price holders are, but it also provides job prospects and company ideas.

dse share price today

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