Computer Paragraph For HSC and SSC Students| Computer Paragraph For Class 6-12

Now I am going to describe about Computer Paragraph.Dear students computer is most important Paragraph in your students life.

Computer Paragraph

Computer is the most useful invention of science.There is nothing to wonder that science will try to substitute human brain by machine in course of time.Such a machine is computer.It is latest miracle that has ushered a revolution in the application of science for the benefit of mankind . Today the term ‘ computer ‘ refer to a special kind of electronic machine that can perform mathematical calculations and process large masses of information at a great speed. In a few minutes a computer can perform calculations that trained mathematicians would need years to complete. Every computer has a machine language of its own and accordingly it works. Today computer is very much popular in our country and the young generation is very conscious of computer education. We therefore ,can hope that today and tomorrow we will be able to be the same as the people of the remaining world of power and prosperity by using computer.Computer is the greatest contribution of science.In view of the bright prospect of computer education mainfold facilities based on computer should exist across the country .Govt , patronage,in this respect ,is essential.

This Paragraph is very important paragraph .Read this article very properly in your students life .It will get benefit in your future also you can share it with others.

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